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My name is Emilia, but you can call me Meely! #CallmeMeely

Just call me Meely my closest friends do… We are a husband and wife team in every way of life, I am so blessed to have Brad side by side with me… after starting this dream, my passion; sharing with you all – creating still memories you will cherish for years to come… We have two amazing munchkins that are our entire life and happiness, and Brad being that he is just amazing because he has his own career but still enjoys coming alongside with me, capturing the majority of all of our weddings together! And, I couldn’t imagine anything better than capturing wedding days with my own groom by my side. I am so thankful that I get to live out this passion as a husband and wife team.

A glimpse into us: he loves diet coke and I love saying can I have a sip of your diet coke! (hehe)

We try and take life not too seriously… it’s short and we say… make your heaven here on this earth!

My reason for everything, are these three… live, laugh, and love everyday! Make your days count!

I have a passion for capturing love stories, your love story! What you will get from us….well simply said, hopeless romantics behind the camera, each frame has a warm whimsically classic feel. We love using natural light and how it can illuminate a picture by bringing out all of the vibrant and beautiful colors this life has to offer us, as well as I (#CallmeMeely … wonderwomen behind this whole love train) am not shy in using my off camera flash to create romantic night shots. I will say this, some of my favorite photos are those of intimate moment, when you are whispering in your spouses ear or when your eyes meet on the dance floor to which it seems like no one is around; just the two of you. I want to make sure I capture the true love that resonates with you both and all your guests on your wedding day!


(My love for capturing laughter, love and memorable life moments dates, back to when I was a child. I am of Polish decent and am a first generation Polish-American from a large family. My parents met in NYC and decided to build their American dream and family in the states and as a child, every summer, we would visit our family in Poland and I relished the moments I spent with my Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Grandparents. Each summer, I started capturing our family memories, to hold with us through the year as our visits only took place during the summer months. I would tinker with my Dad’s Exakta VX 1000 ‘film’ SLR camera when our family and friends would get together and to capture the special moments and the fun that we were all having with one another. Technological advancements allowed my love of photography to grow even more … instead of shooting 24 ‘film’ pictures and switching to a new roll of film, I was able to fill up memory cards with ‘digital’ photos with hundreds of images and allowed me to print only what I wanted and save the rest to enjoy for later. It wasn’t until I traveled to Rome, Paris and London did I awaken my eye to artistic photography. The historical details of old world buildings, cobble stone roads and significant works of art became more than just something to look at … it became something that I wanted to capture as my own piece of art. Something as simple as a couple sitting in a Rome cafe smiling flirtatiously to one another, a sunset over the Arc de Triomphe, or a rainy evening walking to Big Ben … everything became ‘romantical’ and I saw the beauty in everything that surrounded me through my viewfinder.

All of this said, it wasn’t until my wedding that the light bulb went on and I realized that wedding photography was exactly the path I wanted to take for my career. Most young girls and women dream of their wedding day and that was no exception for me. My husband and I were married and being in that moment and seeing all of the love that surrounded us on our day made me realize that shooting weddings would soon become my passion. Upon returning from our Honeymoon, I immediately reached out to our wedding photographer to ‘shadow’ her and learn anything I could from her about capturing weddings. I returned to school for Photography, seeing as my Bachelors of Science in Management served well for my soon to be venture and my hunger for knowledge of photography was a goal to have under my belt through classes and loads of fun workshops. Soon after, I became a second photographer for her, going to weddings and taking photos of other peoples special days … I knew then and there that this is what I want to do. My dream is to capture memories that we can look back on and our children’s children can enjoy years from now. The time, when two families come together and become one is so incredible to me and sharing their momentous day with the happy couple; capturing their love, laughter and tears of joy is my happiness.
Things have come full circle for me … no longer a bride, now a wedding photographer…and loving every moment, and honored to capture your memories.)

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