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Meet Krista + Mark, behind love that they chose a hidden Mickey themed e-session… we all know how much I love Disney! So when they chose me to capture their story… needless to say I was giddy!
It all started…December 30th 2016, at Magic Kingdom in Disney World – Mark came down on one knee and asked for Krista’s hand in marriage – I mean, sigh… come on – YES! In the most magical place on earth…
Mark – Before our Disney World trip, Krista and I had already discussed getting engaged and we had picked out the ring together. What was left up to me was where and when on our Disney trip I would ask. Krista had been to Disney before, and I remembered seeing a picture of her hugging Mickey where she had the brightest smile on her face. I knew I had to propose to Krista at Magic Kingdom in front of Mickey. I had no way of alerting the photographer to be ready for my proposal, so I purchased an autograph book and taped in “Krista, I love you” and “Will you marry me” with little pictures of Mickey and Minnie on the inside. When we finally met Mickey, I nervously handed the autograph book to the attendant and watched the look of confusion come to his face as he read the page I had opened for him. We made eye contact, and the attendant mouthed to me “Now?”, and I tried to nod yes without giving away the surprise. Just before our meet and greet ended, the attendant said “Ok, Mickey I have a very special autograph for you to sign”. Mickey walked over, signed it, and handed the book to Krista. While she was turned around looking at the autograph book I got on one knee and pulled out the ring that was burning a hole in my pocket for two days. The look on her face was exactly the one I was hoping for and she said yes without hesitation. I had prepared something to say but I forget exactly what came out of my mouth. I’m sure it was wonderful.
Krista – Our engagement is very special to me because it happened at my favorite place, and of course in my favorite park with Mickey Mouse. Disney World is a very magical place and now it is even more magical for us! I did not know when on our trip Mark was going to propose, but I was very happy and surprised when it happened. Disney then gave us pins so that everyone working there knew we had just got engaged and would tell us congratulations. It was wonderful and magical! : )
“For our engagement session we really enjoyed being able to incorporate “hidden Mickeys”. We decided to do this since our engagement took place in Disney World and it made our pictures unique and have special meaning. We enjoyed the fun atmosphere of the session which helped us to relax and have fun”.
“After our engagement session we were shocked by how quick the time flew by. We had a great time and really enjoyed documenting this special time in our relationship. We can’t wait until our wedding”!
Krista’s Dress: Blue Rain from Francesca’s
Krista’s Shoes:┬áMarc Fisher
Mark’s Shirt: Arrow
Mark’s Shoes: Nunn Bush

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