Sarah + Rick | Engaged | Published A NorthWoods Wedding

Sarah + Rick met through a mutual friend, who happened to be one of Rick’s roommates at the time. “We used to all hang out together, then when I went away to college we kind of lost touch. As soon as I came back home, it was like I had never left. Except this time, things were a little different! Four month after I came back. We started dating. And its been the two of us ever since”.
“We love to explore new places. Whether its hiking, or going into a new city and finding someplace different to have lunch. We just love spending time together.” Sarah + Rick’s snowy adventure was published on A Northwoods Wedding, we had such a wonderful time exploring the little town of Middlebush and all it’s hidden gems!

Sarah + Rick got engaged on Thanksgiving Morning in their kitchen. “It was private, romantic and meaningful, which expresses our relationship perfectly. I had NO idea it was going to happen. I was so shocked, I asked if he was joking!! Rick said he would hope I didn’t know, because the only people who knew were rick, the jeweler and my dad. Rick’s family lives in virginia, but they were here for the holiday having dinner at my parents house. It was so special to have everyone here to experience it”.

Any advice for other couples?
“Laugh a lot, arguing is okay and date night is more important than you think”.


“I loved the spontaneous-ness of it all! I’m so glad we changed our location. I loved going to the different locations, frolicking through the snow. I also loved how fun and energetic Emilia was. It really helped us to feel comfortable and be ourselves”.
“We were set to go into a city, when that looked like it wouldn’t work out, I didn’t know what would come of it. But as we drove round and Emilia showed us all the different spots and showed us her vision, I started to warm up to the idea. When it was all said and done, I’m so happy with how this worked out”.

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