Jessica + Ryan | New Jersey Engagement | Colonial Park | 107 Degrees

I have to date have two very extreme engagement session, one of which was below freezing and my couple went barefoot into the lake while it was snowing… and Jessica and Ryan who had the hottest day of this Spring… yes, this spring – not even Summer yet. It was 107 degrees at 6:30pm and by 7:45pm it was 102 degrees… these two were troopers! You would never know that they were literally sweating beyond sweat… breaks and all to pat and dry! HAHA! And, I loved every minute of their sweetness, love and adoration through all the heat!

Any advice for other couples?

Ryan: Yes, she is always right.

Jessica: Yes, while the grand gestures are awesome, it is the day to day things that really matter are make the relationship special.  Appreciate how your partner makes your day to day life special just by being who they are.


What do you like to do most together?

Ryan: Everything.

Jessica: We really do like doing everything together.  From going out to dinner, taking walks, going on vacations/weekend getaways, and watching our favorite shows together.  There is something about doing “ordinary” things together that is made better when you get to do it with the person you love.


We got engaged on February 19, 2017 in Morristown, NJ.  We had gone out to dinner and then met drinks for friends at the Famished Frog in Morristown.  When we got back to the apartment, Jessica had walked into the bedroom and when she came back out she saw Ryan kneeling on one knee with the ring.  Jessica was speechless at first (which almost never happens) and kept saying “really?”  After some hugging and kissing, Ryan said “you didn’t say yes,” to which Jessica replied, “you didn’t ask.”  Ryan then asked Jessica to marry him and of course, she said yes!


Jessica knew Ryan had purchased a ring and spoken with her father but Ryan had said the ring had not arrived yet so Jessica was completely taken off guard when he asked!


What did you love most about your engagement session? 

Ryan: Seeing how happy Jessica was.

Jessica: Having special time for just the two of us to document our relationship.


How did you feel after your e-session? 

Ryan: A little sweaty, hungry, and accomplished.

Jessica: VERY sweaty! I couldn’t wait to see the pictures.  I kept checking facebook just to make sure I didn’t miss them!


Location: Colonial Park, NJ

Ryan’s shirt: Southern Tide & Allen Edmonds Shoes

Jessica’s dress: Reiss & Steve Madden Shoes

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