Jessica + Justin | Engagement | Colonial Park | New Jersey

Meet Jessica + Justin, they like doing anything together no matter what it is but what they love most is “shopping together, eating, hanging out with the kids and sitting on the couch watching tv. Usually when we sit on the couch and watch tv we talk about anything and everything”.

How did Justin pop the question?
Jessica and Justin got engagedĀ on December 14th, 2016 , “we were walking around Central Park and he brought me on top of this huge rock and proposed. I had no idea he was going to do it, I was extremely surprised and he cried more then I did LOL. He decided to bring me back to Central Park because it was where we had one of our first trips as a couple. It was one of the best moments of my life , I couldn’t of asked of a more romantic/sweet way for him to do it”.

What advice can you give to other couples: “Our advice for other couples is to always try and make each other laugh atleast once a day or as often as possible. Complimenting is another huge piece of advice we would give because it always keeps the other feeling good about themselves and know you truly love them for how they are”.

“What we loved most about our engagement session was being able to make each other laugh , and being able to be ourselves. It felt like such a special moment the entire time, and it made us feel even more connected to each other. We wish we could just do it all over again, and it was one of our favorite experiences together. We still talk about even though it was over a week ago”.

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