Kelly + Jeremy | Engaged | Somerville Court House | New Jersey

Kelly + Jeremy

Kelly and Jeremy’s stepmother were best friends in high school. After she and Jeremy’s father separated, she moved back to NJ and reconnected with Kelly’s mother. Jeremy remained close with his stepmother the entire time… they both met at a BBQ hosted by his stepmother. “Jeremy’s handsome blue eyes had caught my attention, and my love of whiskey caught his. It was still about 3-4 years before we went on our first date…but 6 months later I moved in, and after a year and a half of dating we were engaged”. They choose Somerville for it’s Courthouse historic look… which I personally love. And, we even got super lucky at the end of it… the town was having a festival that same day.
“We had gone ring shopping on November 15th 2015. I knew he had the ring, I just didn’t know when he would ask. The next day, Jeremy had minor surgery on his knee. While recovering from anesthesia at home I noticed him fumbling with something in the pocket of his hoodie. He asked me to marry him and gave me the ring. He apologized for not being able to get down on one knee (because of the surgery). Of course I accepted with great enthusiasm. It was perfect. Just the two of us, on the couch in our living room, in our PJ’s. Some of our friends have called it “the most civilized engagement ever”.
I asked what did you love about your engagement session? “THE SNACK AT THE END! We chose the courthouse because it was local, and had great architecture. After our engagement session, we were exhausted. But, it was a lot of fun, and it was a great preview for how things will run at our wedding. The pictures turned out beautifully and we couldn’t be happier”!

“Laugh. With each other, at each other. Just laugh. Life is about finding someone who is your kind of crazy. Once you find them, don’t let them go”.

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