{FEATURED} Kristin + Kevin | Engaged | Lambert Castle | New Jersey

Kristin + Kevin met at work, where Kristin is a Kindergarten teacher and Kevin is a Music teacher for the school. After some time they started becoming friends and that kind of laid the groundwork for everything. Kevin: “I guess you could say the sparks were always there”. They chose Lambert Castle; as their wedding day theme is Princess Cinderella and they wanted their engagement photos to have that same feel… which I just love about them both. As we initially met – and they told me their story… we instantly connected since I myself am a huge Disney buff. … And, how wonderful that their fairytale story is featured on Contemporary Weddings Magazine this week! Love. (here)

“You think it’s going to take a lifetime to find someone you just connect with but sometimes it just happens out of nowhere. I can’t thank her enough for changing my life for the better. It just goes to show you never know when it will happen. I never thought I would find someone that comes close to this girl but I guess never say never. We always say we’re each other’s missing puzzle pieces. I’m sure she would say the same thing about me”.

“How it really started the story is kind of funny. We were preparing for the winter concert which I directed and we were trying to think of something to make the concert and her class even better. So she said she came up with an idea that she needed to text me when she got home. That was how she had gotten my number so I guess she kind of started things off. She came up with a prop for the show which was a chicken pot that tied in with one of her class’ songs and that’s why we always say this all started with the chicken pot. After that I knew I had liked her and was trying to set something up where we could get together outside of school. So her class was starting the recorders and I thought it would be fun if we had a recorder lesson together so I showed her how to play the recorder and then we ended up watching a movie together and that was a night we would never forget. Ever since then we have been pretty inseparable. I think we just both got this instant feeling that this could be it. There was just such a strong connection between the two of us and I think we both saw it wasn’t something that was going to disappear”

Kristin + Kevin got engaged on January 3rd which, it was their 2 year anniversary.

“I must say it was planned perfectly without me even planning the day events. That was all her but she still had no idea. Kristin got us tickets to see School of Rock on Broadway and then we went out to dinner afterwards. When we got home I planned things perfectly and the gifts began. She gave me her gifts first and then the real surprise came. She had no idea it was coming. I had her read the email that I sent her with the video of the Ed Sheeran song “Thinking Out Loud” and while she was watching that I set up the real surprise. I was waiting outside with my guitar and I wrote her a song to propose to her as I serenaded her from downstairs. After the song I ran up the stairs in excitement and asked her if she would be my happily ever after. Her reaction was disbelief “Are you serious?” But she finally came to and said “YES!!”.

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