Ashley + Nick | Engaged | Liberty State Park | New Jersey

Ashley + Nick

Nick and Ashley dated for 12 years before they got engaged. “There were a few times I had a feeling Nick was going to purpose. I got myself so psyched up and when I realized this wasn’t the time, I was so upset. Nick got me good this time! I remember talking to Nick on the phone weeks prior to our engagement. He told me he was going to his aunts and uncles house for the day. He was actually on his way to go pick out the ring. A few weeks later, it was Mother’s Day weekend, Nick told me he was going out to brunch with his family to celebrate Mother’s Day. I called him later on to check in with him and the phone got caught off (he was going through the NY tunnel, he had just picked up the ring). I didn’t think anything of it. I thought he was at brunch with his family. Later on that day, Nick called me and told me he left a pair of shoes on my back stairs. I was confused, as to why he would leave shoes on my back stairs. I yelled at him because he hopped my large fence to get into my backyard. I was mad! He could have hurt himself or broke my fence (lol!) Nick called me a few times telling to not to forget to get the shoes outside. I kept telling him ok, I’ll go get them later. Meanwhile he was waiting outside the whole time! After a good 45 minutes I eventually went outside and there Nick was, on one knee with a beautiful ring, asking me to marry him! I was in complete shock! I was not expecting to see him on my knee. It was one of the most exciting days of my life! It finally happened”!
They chose Liberty State Park because it had lot of intricate elements from the park to the buildings they wanted to include just as their beautiful courtship. We had a great time and I even spent a little bit more time with them as we were having just a great time getting to know one another and to be honest, felt more like just photographing friends. “Liberty State Park has beautiful parks, rustic buildings, and a beautiful NYC skyline. Nick and I wanted something different and unique and liberty State Park offered a range of areas to take pictures. We had a blast on our engagement shoot. I just love taking pictures! Nick and I laughed a lot. Our favorite was jumping on the old rustic train and taking pictures. It definitely wasn’t easy to get on to! We loved how our pictures came out. You can see how perfectly in love we are. And our smiles show how happy we are”.

And at the end of the session, my smooth talking even allowed us to get into the Marina! Ashley and Nick were game for it… and am I ever glad we spent those extra minutes to end with that gorgeous light!

“It’s all started a very, very long time ago, over 12 years (yes it’s been that long!). If you ask Nick, he would say the first few years didn’t count (oh Nick!!). Nick and I met in High School. I was a freshman, 15 years old, and he was a junior, 16 years old. Our separate group of friends met one another in the school cafeteria one day. Once I saw Nick, I got butterflies in my stomach. Shortly after meeting, Nick and I became friends. We started talking all of the time, texts, phone calls, AIM (now you know that’s a long time ago because who uses AIM anymore). We became inseparable. A few months passed and we both started developing feelings for one another. Nick invited me over his house on 1/9/04, I met his parents, and sister for the first time and He had asked me to be his girlfriend. It was very sweet because he watched my all time favorite movie, Save The Last Dance, with me for the first time before asking me to be his girl friend.
I was a cheerleader in high school and Nick was on the basketball team. We were definitely High School sweethearts. We shared so many great memories at good ole Linden High School.
12 years have gone by and Nick and I are happily in love. We’ve been through thick and thin. We have experienced so much in each other’s lives. We remained to always stay by each others side and be there for one another. We love to travel together, go on dinner dates, and act silly. It’s never a dull moment when the 2 of us together. We are always laughing. Our love for each other grows stronger each and everyday. We are excited and anxious for the day we can say I Do! And can’t wait to share it with all of our family members and friends”.


“Be each other’s best friend. Always be there for one another. Nick and I always try to talk things out if we should get into a disagreement. It’s not worth it to fight, if we just talk things out it makes things easier. I always tell Nick, we should never go to bed angry at each other. Nick and I always laugh, we are both silly, and most of the time I am doing something silly/stupid that makes Nick just shake his head and laugh. When I am feeling down or sad Nick knows just what to say and it makes me laugh and smile”.  

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