Mylissa and Keith’s story began at the South Amboy water front at a football field 9 yrs ago, although they didn’t know it then… it would soon begin a love story.

On July 29th…last year – on a beautiful summer day while they were all enjoying the pool with their tribe members (aka…their beautiful kids) – it was there that Keith proposed to Mylissa in front of all their kiddos, and it could not be a more perfect union.

Keith and Mylissa are such a sweet and laid back couple, that they wanted to implement that relaxed party feel to their wedding day with a twist of their love for all that is old hollywood vintage glam … with a little of their heritage too of course!

Their kids are their world, and having the children their for the first look was just priceless, not to mention the dance number they had after the 1st dance – the kids had a special dance coordinated for them, that made all their family and friends dance along at the beautiful Gramercy at Lakeside Manor.

Congratualtions to you both and thank you for giving me the honor of capturing your togetherness!

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Ceremony/Reception: The Gramercy at Lakeside Manor
Entertainment: Dj BoJoe
Florist: Jacquline’s Florist + Giftshop
Hair & Makeup: Beauty by Ania


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