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This Maternity Journey is near and dear to my heart, Krista & I met a couple years ago now and we instantly became friends – it was kind of like we had known each other for years and that was that… our love for photography was our initial common ground that lead to a friendship that I cherish. SO when Krista told me she was pregnant – I got goosebumps of happiness for her.

I asked Krista at the beginning of this journey (and then some though the weeks), what her initial feeling was when she found out she was pregnant to help us document her miracle of life…

Krista: “My first initial reaction was straight fear. How am I going to take care of this little human who will be my child?! I called you before I took the test. You were the only person who knew at that point. After I took the test, I had a huge smile on my face then started crying. I called you again and you calmed me down. Then when I told Tom that night when he got home, I was still scared but I knew we would make it through this together”.

So we decided to capture her lil’ bundle of cuteness through her app, and the fruit or vegetable size it was/is during that week. We met around the corner from my home, at my secret location … that I take all my favorites to…

We started with Month 2: Their lil’ cuteness is a Blueberry!

“At 2 months – I felt a little pregnant. I didn’t gain any weight but I couldn’t wait to start showing. I remember feeling not 100% myself. I had morning sickness for about a week and a half around this time. I remember being moody … more than I normally am”.

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Month 3 …a Lemon, we were so lucky to have the week of this season for Forsythia to be blooming (because 5 days later the flowers were all gone) and it worked out with the colors incredibly with Krista’s growing little lemon! We were originally supposed to meet the week before as a Lime, but the weather was not accommodating and I am so glad we postponed it, I just love what I was able to capture for her… and not to mention this was my neighbors backyard. Sometimes all you need is an 8 foot wide backdrop to make MAGIC happen!

A secret no more… but Krista is having a BOY and I of course overjoyed that my son will have a buddy to play with!

Krista: “For 3 months – I started getting a belly – but not any big change. I still hadn’t gained any weight since January. I’ve been looking every week to see the growth and he/she is developing. We found out at 13 weeks that baby DePaolo is a boy! Nothing really new happened. I’m feeling great just tired”.

2016-05-08_0011 2016-05-08_0013

2016-05-08_00122016-05-08_0015 2016-05-08_0016 2016-05-08_0017 2016-05-08_0018

Month 4.5…a Pepper! We tried and tried and tried the last week in April and 1st weeks of May to meet and as luck would have it …again…the weather was not great… Rain, RAIN and more rAiN! Apparently April showers are no more – and ‘May showers bring June flowers’… but I found an opening last week for 2 hours where there was a break in the rain and we just went with it…I had umbrellas ready and all – and the weather held out for us – just as we ended, it began to mist then rain. Krista wore a white dress that seamed perfectly with the park we met at in Hamilton!

Krista: “For 4 1/2 months – I finally gained 5 lbs! My belly is getting bigger and I can start to feel him move. I’m noticing that I’m starting to get limited with what i can do at work. I can’t fit in any of my jeans – I bought a few new things but I can still get by with my shirts. I can’t wait to start dressing my bump”!


2016-05-08_00272016-05-08_0033 2016-05-08_0026 2016-05-08_00292016-05-08_0032 2016-05-08_0030 2016-05-08_0031

So you are having a BOY!

(My 1st child is a boy and anyone that knows me, knows I have always ALWAYS wanted to have a son 1st … I always wanted a brother in my life and I am so incredibly THANKFUL for my sisters as they are not only my friends but the best kind of friends that I have shared everything life experience with … But I was always a bit envious of my girl friends that had big brothers to protect them…and I wanted that for my family. As BLESSINGS would have it, I had a son and now my daughter has a big brother… so when I asked Krista – How did you feel when she found out she was having a BOY – this is what she said…as she and Tom had the similar feelings as I did about having a BOY…

Krista: “When my doctor gave me the envelope at our 13 week appointment I didn’t know what it was until she told me. Tom has been with me for every appointment. I asked him if he wanted to open it there and he said YES! And my doctor was surprised because her clients take it home to do a revealing party. But I opened the envelope and gave the sticky note to Tom to open. And it said Male!! He started jumping up and down and I had the biggest smile on my face. We hugged and both started crying. I will never forget that feeling. For his name – Parker comes from Spiderman (Peter Parker) Tom is a huge comic book nerd and his all time favorite is Spiderman (he proposed to me on the Spiderman ride in universal so it’s pretty awesome to tie it all together). Xavier comes from Professor Xavier. I have a huge crush on James McAvoy who plays Prof X. (He was one of my first actor crushes!)

I decided to post today – Mother’s Day – as I can’t imagine a better time to begin (a peek at Krista & Parker’s journey) with them and every other MOM; soon to be MOM, that is reading this… Life is a blessing and being a MOM,+ recently just giving birth to my 2 months old daughter, being pregnant, to giving birth, and now bringing up my kids, is by far the best job I have ever held (blogging about this is making me miss being pregnant) !

I will continue to update HERE and HERE each month … to the day that we meet sweet lil’ Parker!


Month 5

We went to Sayen Gardens once more since we didn’t get to explore the other half of it, it’s truly a gorgeous park and is quickly becoming one of my favorites!

“This was a busy month for me – weddings almost every weekend plus work at Amazon. I went to Kentucky to photograph a wedding. The plane ride was not fun! He was moving all over (thought I was going to get sick at the beginning) and I was freaking out because I just wanted to make sure he was okay. I told my doctor that I was going away and she said that he will be fine. I was around 20 weeks at this point and this was when my ankles and feet started swelling. I brought shoes to wear in KY but couldn’t end up wearing them because my feet didn’t fit 🙁 Since then they have stayed that way. Also being on my feet all day doesn’t help so I try to sit when I can. Our 20 week ultrasound went well. He was being shy and not moving as much so we couldn’t get a good picture. We were told that he was about 13 oz at the time and everything was developing normally”.


2016-08-11_0004 2016-08-11_0009 2016-08-11_0010 2016-08-11_0011

Month 6

I was uber excited to go to Delicious Orchards for this month, there are tons of rustic nooks to shoot at and not to mention pick up some tasty delicious goodies for the way back home. I think we had more fun shopping then shooting. HAHA!

“Nothing really has changed – other than me gaining weight! My feet/ankles are still swollen. I have started using cocoa butter lotion for my tummy and legs – which smells lovely! When I lay down I can see my belly move – it freaks me out some times because I know there is a person inside of me – but he’s my son and I actually do love all those little moments like that. Tom talks to him and puts his hand on my belly to feel him move. I am just so in love with our little family already”!


2016-08-11_0018 2016-08-11_0020


Month 7

We met up in Red Bank, on probably the hottest day of the summer…but you would never be able to tell – Krista was glowing with beauty!

“Finding a comfortable position when going to sleep has become a challenge. He is either moving a lot or I just can’t get comfortable with my belly in the way. I have noticed that I am walking slower at times and stairs are the enemy! As far as food goes – I can pretty much eat anything. No smells bother me – which I am happy about. I still don’t have any weird cravings or anything to make my husband leave at 2am to get. I hope that means that Parker isn’t going to be a picky eater!!! So far the pregnancy has been treating me well. I do wish that my feet weren’t swollen – but since leaving my job I feel so much better”.

2016-08-11_0022 2016-08-11_0021 2016-08-11_0026 2016-08-11_0024 2016-08-11_0027

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