~ Boudoir ~ Live your Life ~

February is the month of love, passion and all things adorn. “The body is meant to be seen not all covered up.”

A boudoir session is not just about gorgeous photos, it’s decision to say I am beautiful as I am. It’s about embracing womanhood. You are going to be in your skin and you might as well get comfortable in it, love what you have and be the leading lady in your life. Having a boudoir shoot for yourself is just as much as celebrating your body as it is art, Ellie bore 4 beautiful children and when I held the boudoir contest a couple months back – her story was just the reasons of why I hold contests – to be celebrated – to be treated – to express your beauty.

“Dear beautiful you, this is your life. Your very own life – get to know your soul, dance your dance, sing your song, take charge of your story… thank your everything, see your plate, stand in your power…find your bliss, live your life and love your life.”


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“In Omnia Paratus”

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Do beautiful things with your beautiful life!

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